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Sleeping Giant – Battleship USS North Carolina (BB-55)

Dedicated to the USS North Carolina (BB-55), affectionately known as “The Showboat”. More importantly we both honor and remember the heroes who served aboard and beside her. Without these brave, valiant and honorable souls, the “Showboat” would just be another ship; A footnote in the vast pages of history. It is because of their deeds and service to our nation, that “The Showboat” is more than just a ship. She is a living monument to their accomplishments and the ideals they represent. She is truly a shrine for a grateful nation to honor them both!

She was the most decorated US Battleship of WWII with 15 Battle Stars; Seeing action from Guadalcanal to Tokyo Bay, earning Battle Stars at Iwo Jima and Okinawa in between. Her ‘true’ nickname is “The Showboat”.

Video by: Chattanooga Internet Production
Music by: Hans Zimmer

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